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There is a free medical clinic in Port-au-Prince that we partner with,  medical care is offered to individuals who are in desperate need yet can’t afford this care on their own. There is a Paramedic, who work directly with the patients, as well as volunteers who assist with standard patient needs. Educating individuals on how to take care of their health by eating the right kinds of foods and drinking ample amounts of water is one of the clinics main priorities. But, most importantly, is the sharing of the Gospel with each person who comes in seeking medical treatment because it is the Gospel that gives ultimate healing and wholeness.


We wholeheartedly welcome medical and surgical teams to join us on the ground as we seek to care for our Haitian friends. Having these teams partner with us is invaluable as we aren’t able to meet all the needs that present themselves. Partnerships are so very important to our success in giving the medical care needed in-country.

Not only are team partnerships in-country vital to our clinics ability to offer help, but because the clinic functions solely on donations and gifts given, your help in the giving of needed supplies is extremely important to our being adequately equipped to care for patient needs.


Want more ideas for what ministry can look like for your team in the clinic?

Download the Clinic Info Sheet to get started. 


Donald has been one of our closet friends in Haiti for over the last few years. When he came to us, he had a half-amputated foot that was severely infected. Donald had been to the best hospital in Haiti and he knew he needed help, but had no where else to go. For two years or so we treated his foot by keeping it clean with regular bandage changes. 


After several surgical debridements and another amputation, Donald was close to losing hope. He was convinced that the only way that his foot would be healed is if he saw a voodoo doctor. We had many conversations trying to convince him that Jesus was the only one who could bring true hope and healing, but he wouldn’t have it. Thankfully, he met with our Pastor. 


One day while we were having clinic, Pastor Savine and Donald had a long conversation that ended with Donald accepting Christ as his Lord and Savior! We were overjoyed! Donald’s leg is still healing, but the hope that he has in Christ is enough for him to face this with confidence and strength.


He has overcome so many trials and adversities, and he has grown a ton in his faith. We are so thankful to God for allowing him to be in our lives. Seeing his faith is such an inspiration to us and we love having him as a friend and brother in Christ.

This past week we had a wound care patient, Henry, come in and he had fallen in a drunken stupor and needed quite a few stitches.  After further conversation, we found out that his wife had recently died and he was grieving her death. During one of his bandages changes, I turned the conversation to who Jesus was and asked him did he have a relationship with him. 


He said he was a butcher in Haiti and that they cook and drink the blood of the animals they slaughter. I asked him was that a voodoo ritual; he said no, but he thought that he couldn’t be saved because of that. I shared with him some scriptures, shared a New Testament with him and the truth of the gospel. He said he would go home and read. 


So when he came back a few days later for wound care one of our teams members shared the gospel again and he prayed to receive Christ! God never ceases to amaze me how he works in and through our ministry in Haiti. It’s such a joy to see someone come to Christ and to disciple them. Troy spoke with him again this week and he says he is coming to our church!

henry's story

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