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Priceless Grace Ministries partners with a local church. Pastor Savin truly has a servants heart for the people here in Haiti and for the gospel. He has spent hours coming to our clinic to talk with someone about the gospel that just wanted to talk to a Haitian pastor. He disciples. He's a planner. He knows his people. He truly is a joy to partner with in ministry.


We have helped them start and execute leadership training, conferences, sport camps, weddings, medical clinics and a soap education campaign during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We've translated four curriculums that the church uses. One is a discipleship curriculum and the other is a 160 page Children's Curriculum that teaches the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, another children's curriculum and a business curriculum. We began the kid's program with 17 kids and we now have over 40 kids in the program! Pastor Savin and his leadership team are always helpful in serving and making things come together. 


Troy teaches small groups regularly and he preaches once a month. This community of believers is a tight knit group that has been so welcoming to the new believers that Troy and I have brought to the church. They love the Lord and they are excited to gather together each week. We are thankful to be a part of this local body of believers. Remember, the CHURCH is God's plan A...there is no plan B. 

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Empowerment Program

This program exists to disciple people and to train them in business. It take roughly 4 months to complete the program and they receive "seed money" in products to start a small business. They bring a portion of their profits back from their selling to purchase more products. We purchase supplies in bulk so that they get cheaper prices then they can sell at the best price and make the best profit. 

Business Program

Our business owners

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