Our biggest goal in having this clinic to see lives changed physically, while using this opportunity to see lives transformed by the hope of Jesus. In Haiti, over half of all child deaths are related to malnutrition. Most Haitians live on less than $2 a day. Our desire is to provide undernourished children an outpatient program that will not only bring them back to health, but teach and empower their parents to know how to feed them well and break the cycle of malnutrition for their families. After each child completes their regimen, their parents will be taught how to cook nutritious meals with affordable foods that are readily available to them. 


We use a treatment known as “Medika Mamba” (Creole for peanut better medicine) to treat each child. This treatment has proven to be extremely effective and is 100% sourced and produced in Haiti. For a full regimen of care, it’s about $70/child. God has faithfully provided for this ministry in miraculous ways. We started this clinic back in Fall 2016 with $200 allocated for it. Since then, through your faithful prayers and giving support, we've been able to treat over 400 kids and impact their families for a lifetime. 




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