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Hey - we're Gwyn and Troy Price. Thanks for dropping by our website and our corner of the world. We have a simple mission: share the greatest HOPE of the world with the people of Haiti.


We’ve been married for over thirty years and we have three daughters. We’ve been in Haiti since January of 2016. We operate several clinics, partner with a Haitian church and offer an internship program.


We thrive in meeting needs in our community through innovative ministry ideas and targeting discipleship opportunities. We look for practical hands on ways to show people the love of Jesus. No filter. Building those relationships we have found is essential to effective long term change. 


Simple obedience to Christ is why we do this. We want to show others how he has loved us and what he has done for us, so that they will believe in the Savior of the world.


Ministry update

Ministry has been innovative and exciting! We obtained a visa for a local pastor we work with that received some much needed medical attention in the Dominican Republic. We are also in the process of working on a medical visa for the states for a clinic patient. This has been something new for us! We are learning to navigate these processes and trying to meet the needs of our community. 


We also had the opportunity to help with 8 weddings for people who had not had the chance to honor God in the institution of marriage. This was a major undertaking, but we are so happy that our Haitian community was so pleased and excited to honor God in this way. We are also starting a Bible tusdy for these married couples to help to teach them about God's covenant of marriage and loving their spouses well. 


Currently, we're translating a curriculum for children to learn about God and there is plans to translate a counseling curriculum. We're super excited about both of these because these are things that can benefit Haiti long after we're gone! We've had the opportunity to attend a security conference and a debriefing stateside.


How You Can Help:




   -Pray for Troy and Gwyn as they teach and disciple

   -For the Gospel to be proclaimed by our church members & us

   -People will hear and receive Jesus as their Savior




Bibles, translation of materials and living in Haiti are expensive.  If you feel led to GIVE, you can use this button to give directly to Priceless Grace Ministries. 

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