Hey - we're Gwyn and Troy Price. Thanks for dropping by our website and our corner of the world. We have a simple mission: share the greatest HOPE of the world with the people of Haiti. 


We’ve been married for over thirty years and we have three daughters. We’ve been in Haiti since January of 2016. We operate several clinics, partner with a Haitian church and offer an internship program.


We thrive in meeting needs in our community through innovative ministry ideas and targeting discipleship opportunities. We look for practical hands on ways to show people the love of Jesus. No filter. Building those relationships we have found is essential to effective long term change. 


Simple obedience to Christ is why we do this. We want to show others how he has loved us and what he has done for us, so that they will believe in the Savior of the world.


covid-19 update

The COVID19 situation in Haiti has brought much of life to a screeching halt just like it has for you in the states. Much of our ministry had to be changed due to the severity of the situation. Daily, Troy and I are seeking ways for us to minister to the Haitian people. The malnutrition clinic is still running we’re just giving several weeks of food at a time. Wound care we see regularly. Sadly, we’ve had to close our general clinic due to the risk of infection of us and our other patients. Our local church is not able to meet due to the government stipulations; however, we continue to distribute the soap to our congregation, so the gospel can go out to their friends and neighbors. Please continue to pray for us as we seek to minister to our community.


Obviously, we aren’t accepting teams at this point and when that will open back up will be dependent upon air travel resuming and the safety for our guests is maximized.Troy and I both feel like once this virus sweeps through we could possibly be in a humanitarian crisis. Pray that we’ll be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as he leads.

A pandemic like this could be devastating to the Haitian community because of the limited health care that is currently available. Also, the culture here doesn’t lean itself to easily isolate because people live here in close proximity and they literally live day to day. Many don’t have refrigeration and must go to outdoor markets daily to buy food and water.

We’ve been brainstorming how to help our community during this time and have decided to launch a Soap Education Campaign! We’re partnering with our local church and informing church members how to best protect themselves during this pandemic.  Firstly, we are helping them understand what symptoms to look for and we’re also providing them a bar of soap for washing their hands.  Secondly, we're giving them a flyer to remind them of the education along with a gospel tract. We’re encouraging each church member to share their faith as they share with their neighbors how to protect themselves. Each member will get 10 bars of soap and the information to share with friends and neighbors! Right now we feel like this is the best way to help our Haitian community and enable them to help their friends and neighbors.


How You Can Help:

PRAY as each bar of soap & tract gets distributed  

   -For the Gospel to be proclaimed by our church members

   -People will hear and receive Jesus as their Savior


DONATE towards providing soap & supplies for those in need



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